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Sometimes we just hurt people, the people we love the most, and we care about the most, for no particular reason, without even knowing what we just did… but that doesn't counts for the excuse for being insensitive, for being careless… what we need to do is to be sure to remind them that we care and we love them, even if it isn't needed to be told, before it’s too late, because u don’t know whether u will get another chance to tell them that you loved them, that u cared… never give telling them that you’re sorry a second thought, maybe they won’t wait, maybe u won’t get a second chance…:(

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There's a saying - "Silence speaks a THOUSAND word".. But when one should say, they opt silence thinking thtat'll help.. but its all about the FEAR one has to SAY.. FEAR to loose..!!
But Yes! one must just say what they have if the consequences don't turn out to be worse.. :)

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Very true! Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Navneet! :)