I Sit and I Wonder...!!

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I sit and I watch
I watch the world bloom
As my life seems stuck
In this strange white room

Leaving behind the hurdles of yesterday
As I en route for tomorrow
It becomes tougher, as they say
Inept to abate the present sorrow

I see two eyes peeking from the zenith
And I step back, hiding before they adjudge
My fate, I know is a hapless truth
Back to the chamber I slowly trudge

I sit and I listen
I listen to the world’s cheerful chant
I know my world shall glisten
A sapling always grows into a plant

The sun goes down, the night falls over
The moonlit sky beams over its luster
There shall be a torrent or will it be a shower?
The clouds make it dark as they slowly muster

I hear soft whispers
My name being spoken
I listen in the murmurs
As my heart stays broken

I sit and I stare
I stare at the mirror
Chaotic is the glare
As the mist grows clear

Beholding the pleasant sight
I touch my smiling façade
I notice the jaw muscle with a fright
The blood marks aren’t set to fade

When I see my replication
My heart skips a beat
Shaking head in frustration
To my world, I retreat

I sit and I cry
I cry my heart out
My head spins, my hair dead & dry
Choked amidst anger and doubt

I see two hands
Reaching my face
Putting behind the loose strands
Wiping out the droplet lace

Inspecting through my blurred vision
Whose fingers touch me as I silently weep?
I see a route that opens up the prison
Sated with the sight, I finally sleep…!

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Thank you so much, Anjali! :D

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radhika best best best.... khojaane waali poem ha.. i felt it :)

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THANK YOU, FELICIA! This just made my day! 🌟

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Like 5 Star, eh? :)

Pura mat kho jana, padhna bhi hai! xD

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Thank you so much, MS Mahawar! :)